What clients say

Nigel Burnett, Financial Educator

“Juliette is extremely approachable and engaging. She really puts you at your ease while at the same time having a razor sharp antenna to see right to the root of an issue straightaway. Juliette’s use of personality profiling helped me immediately see the benefit of communicating on a more effective level with clients and others. I feel confident that her approach would be of immense benefit to many others too.”

Adrian Dixon, Director

“I worked with Juliette for a number of years. She helped me develop my team, along with various training material which has helped us to become one on the leaders in our industry. Her warm approachable style put my staff at ease, even when some of the challenges she set us were outside our normal comfort zones. I would recommend Juliette to anyone wanting to challenge the way they initiate change in their business.

Charlie Law, Head of Environmental Management

“Juliette was there with the backup and the tools to enable me to see what direction I need to move in and to see clear steps to success that I can implement. The combination of support with challenging questioning was very productive and I came away with a renewed sense of the possibilities, and the commitment to go after success. It is fair to say that within hours of the session I had begun to implement the foundation stones to a better business.”

Sheena Roberts, Independent Make-up Artist

“Juliette was a fantastic person to work with. Result driven Training, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. That’s her – energetic, strong, innovative and dedicated person with huge knowledge. Always takes care of the job, works hard and really enjoys team-working. She has always been approachable and willing to help others to get the best.
“She was a great asset to the training department.
“Thanks Juliette.”

Tristan Williams, Environmental Research Engineer

“As a Training Manager and Coach, she provided me and other colleagues with a first class service providing the right level of training for both the IT Department and other departments within the organisation. Juliette is a very competent and committed individual, who is very well liked. Juliette delivers what she says she will, on time, to quality and to budget. I would have no reservations in employing her skills again.”

Alan Blackmore, IT Director

“Juliette’s workshops always leave me feeling inspired and encouraged. I come away feeling positive, feeling that I’m not getting it completely wrong and with good ideas on how to improve things.”

Ed Graham, Senior Graphic Designer

“Juliette always sought to provide the best opportunities for everyone.”

Tor Clark, Manager of Enterprise Architecture

“Juliette was both enthusiastic and efficient, working with people from different areas, listening to their ideas and successfully implementing new training programmes.”

Jo Burnham, Director Business Architecture

“As a line manager dealing with Juliette for my staff’s development needs, I found her knowledgeable, extremely helpful and very responsive to my requests. She was instrumental in ensuring that staff development plans were organized and delivered on cue and crucially, ensured that the service providers and training courses selected were appropriate for my department’s requirements. A ‘can do’ and enthusiastic member of staff, she was well respected and liked by all of my team and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Steven Root, Director of Project Management

“Juliette is very caring and professional in her approach to training and development, excellent experience for me – highly recommended.”

Konstantin Orfenov, Principal Technologist

“Juliette was a fantastic mentor to me and was highly respected by the rest of the business. She has a great energy and ability to keep a positive outlook in almost all situations. In terms of Training and Development strategies, Juliette gave me some great advice on best practices and I often refer back to these. Thanks Juliette for all of your help, support, and guidance!!!”

Cece Thomas, Recruitment Manager

“Juliette is always inspiring to work with. She challenges your ideas, comes up with new ones of her own and is intelligent, quick and succinct. A great team player.”

Nina Grunfeld, Founder and CEO, Life Clubs

“Juliette is a pleasure to work with. She is positive, hardworking, and thoroughly professional.”

Faith Jenner, Director of Human Resources and Quality

“Juliette and I were part of a team delivering the Investment in Excellence programme through out the business. She approached her facilitation sessions with enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of fun which made her a delight to work with. She was always empathetic and was ready to act as a sounding board to colleagues and delegates. She was also heavily involved in the graduate training programme and provided those grads a great deal of support and encouragement.”

Stephanie Kersey, Training Delivery Manager

“Juliette and myself worked together to deliver Self-Development courses to all at MDIS/Glovia. Always friendly, positive and considerate, was really good to work with Juliette, she helped a lot of people get a lot out the courses we delivered, ensuring MDIS/Glovia saw real benefits in staff productivity and motivation.”

Jonathon Solomons | Consultant/Business Analyst

“Juliette was a great colleague and enthusiastic team member. Her customer focus and get it done attitude made her a fantastic trainer, who could deliver fast/high quality results for her client groups. She was a joy to work with.”

Paul Mulholland | HR Director

“An important part in the success of my next project. I have learned to recognize my talents, develop them and use them. Not to limit myself and allow myself to think big. I am very excited. Of course, life is not all about me, and others around me will benefit from the improved me.”

MF, Hertfordshire

“Thanks to Juliette I have achieved so much in such a short period. My career has taken off, my husband is my best friend again. Life is exciting vibrant and relaxing all at the same time. WOW! All this from our weekly chat it’s amazing. I know I couldn’t have succeeded on my own.
“Thanks Juliette.”

LR, Sussex

“Juliette, I was a lost and very miserable case before I met you. Your professional ideas and cheerful face has made me to see things more positively. I will recommend your life coaching to anybody who is feeling the way I used to feel. Thanks very much for everything you’ve done for me!”

JJ, Watford

“I am enjoying our coaching sessions immensely. You have created a space where I am able to talk about what’s really important for me in my career and have helped me reflect on how I can work towards my goals. I appreciate your feedback and observations on how I work towards achieving what I want.”

TB, London

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